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What is ELDOA?

ELDOA is defined as √Čtirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire), which translates to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine.

ELDOA's are self-normalizing postural techniques designed to target myofascial tissue and widen the space within a chosen articulation - joint or disc space. With the ELODA technique, we first create myofascial tension to stabilize the vertebra below a targeted disc, followed by contraction with movement to normalize the vertebra above the disc. Ultimately this lengthens the fascial tissue and releases compression on the disc. When done consistently and correctly this can improve the daily functioning of the fascia and create lasting space in various articulations.

The ELDOAs were created over 30 years ago by Guy Voyer DO, a world renowned Osteopath and trained Medical Doctor from Marseilles, France, whom is highly sought after for his expertise in fascial therapy and training techniques.

This is a very basic description of ELDOA and I encourage you to find out more about Dr. Voyer and his practice - including locations and details of his upcoming courses and treatment schedule, please visit:

Is ELDOA right for you?

- Do you have joint or back pain you want to reduce?

- Do you have ongoing injuries?

- Do you want to improve your over all flexibility and mobility?

- Do you have imbalanced or poor posture?

- Do you want something to light up your current body movement routine?


When performed correctly and consistently ELDOA can help with many things including:

  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Stress Reduction
  • Reducing Some Degrees of Scoliosis
  • Improving Muscle Tone and Performance
  • Normalizing the Function of Aspects of the Nervous System
  • Injury Prevention and Improved Recovery
  • Reducing Joint Inflammation and Arthritis
  • Delaying Disc Degeneration
  • Normalizing Disc Bulging
  • Increasing Disc Blood Flow and Hydration
  • Reducing Forward Head Posture
  • Reducing Lordosis on the Low Spine
  • Reducing Chronic and Acute Back Pain
  • Reducing Shoulder and Neck Pain/Tension

ELDOA requires you to focus and perform specific movements while maintaining proper body alignment. It is important to follow the direction of a certified ELDOA instructor to perform, maintain and release all ELDOA poses to get the most out of your practice.

We offer 1:1 and Small Group ELDOA Sessions