A RN Empowering Active Lifestyles!

REAListic Lifestyle Modification that

Empowers You to Find REAL Wellness

Why us?

My name is Caroline Burch. I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I hold a certificate in Personal Training with the National Academy of Sport's Medicine and am a Level I ELDOA instructor.

I KNOW the key to making improvements that last a lifetime is making REAListic changes. Changes that are progressive towards your goals and won't overwhelm you. I utilize my knowledge base, a variety of resources and the needs you share with me to create a collaborative and REAListic program, truly focused on your needs

My experience in Nursing has equipped me with:

  •  profound realization of the need for REAListic wellness knowledge and education
  • Knowledge surrounding not only chronic disease processes but also challenges and successes patients can go through when learning how to prevent or manage a chronic disease.
  • Experience helping patients prevent, manage and eradicate chronic diseases such as pain, diabetes and high blood pressure through encouraging non-pharmaceutical interventions (body movement and nutrition awareness) and western medicine recommendation compliance.

I love and LIVE what I do and understand how challenging yet rewarding lifestyle modifications can be.

Have you ever worked with someone that is TRULY passionate about what they do? If so, you know they give it their all and that will create a very unique experience- THAT's me!